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Who would become player of the year?

It would no surprise if a Chelsea player wins PFA Player of the Year award. Antonio Conte’s men looked very confident in their 3:1 win agains Arsenal and with 14 games to go, they made a significant step towards the Premier League title.

Diego Costa

Diego Costa has 15 goals and 5 assists so far this season. However he’s challenged for the Premier League’s Golden Boot by Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexis Sanchez and Harry Kane. Costa is very important player for Chelsea, much more important than Ibrahimovic from Manchester United, Lukaku for Everton or Kane for Totthenham. However his likability is insignificant compared to his effectiveness.

Dele Alli

Now just imagine that Chelsea slips in the table and Tottenham’s Dele Alli’s scores few important goals within the next 5 games. this would make him the main contender for PFA award. Tottenham still has a chance to top the league. All is still 20 and everyone likes to award young players.

Alexis Sanchez

The Chilean Sanchez is the man for Arsenal. There were moments in many games over the course of the season, when he was the only Arsenal player who looked good enough to produce something and to make a difference. It does not come as surprise that he is involved in more goals than any other Premier league player this season. Unfortunately, Arsenal has been underperforming within the last two months and it would be another year under Arsene Wenger’s reign when the Gunners would finish without lifting the title.

Sadio Mane

Liverpool’s supporters feel miserable at the moment, trust me on that. Everything looked great at the end of 2016 for them. Forty days later, no one considers them as title contenders anymore. In fact many question their ability to finish in the Top 4. However, there’s someone who’s help them get back to their best and this is Sadio Mane. Mane’s pace and speed would win him the Player of the Year award, as it happened with Luis Suarez in 2014. Should Manes scores few goals within the next five of six games and helps Liverpool to get back to second spot in the table, no one would deny him a nomination and the chance to win.

Harry Kane

Tottenham’s Harry Kane has scored 14 goals so fat this season. Despite that he missed a lot of chances and that this is not his best season in his carrier, his is very much in the same boat with Liverpool’s Mane. Ironically, both teams meet this Saturday at Anfield in a game which is big opportunity for both Mane and Harry Kane to boost their chances for the PFA trophy. Kane has an impressive work ethics, he can play in any offensive position and I should say I’m a big admireer of him.

Kevin De Bruyne

When it comes to pick a Premier League player to be awarded, Sergio Aguero’s name is always on the list. Auger is a world class player and Manchester City are lucky to have him, they know that. However, it is Kevin De Bruyne who impresses this season. It is a poor season by city’s standards. De Bruyne was still instrumental for some of the best performances for the Sky Blues. City’s team has a lot of quality and should Chelsea make a mistake it might be them to climb in the table. De Bruyne who can plays long side and tops the charts with 9 assist just needs to score few more goals to attract more attention.

Eden Hazard

What about Eden Hazard? He has lifted the trophy the last time Chelsea won the PL title. He looks like he is getting back to his best by scoring 10 goals in this campaign.

Ngolo Kante

Unlikely winner, but someone who deserves to be considered is Ngolo Kante. This would be his second title in two consecutive seasons. His performance resulted in 13 clean sheets for the Blues. Kante proved to be a very important player for them this season. He tackles opponents midfielders and very often restricts their chances to pass or score goals.

Philippe Coutinho

Finally, lest not miss Philippe Coutinho. The “Little Magician” has a lot of potential and has been one of the Liverpools’s most important players in the opening months of the season. He just needs a bit of a luck and few important goals. That’s it.

Whoever has the most significant impact over his team’s performance is very likely to win the PFA award. There are some big games going on within the next few weeks, so let’s enjoy them.

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