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Arsene Wenger will stay at Arsenal!

Unlike the previous Premier League seasons, in this campaign the relegation battle was over in the 37th match week. Now the only thing to be decided is who will play in the next season’s Champions League. There are two spots for Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal. The Gunners are one of the teams blamed by their own fans and the press for underperforming this season. It is very likely that they will not be able to qualify for the next season’s Champions League for the first time and many years. The Gunner’s manager has been under pressure to resign for some time.

Why Wenger will manage Arsenal next season?

Arsene Wenger has already announced that a decision on his future is likely to be made in an Arsenal board meeting after the FA Cup final. I think that he will be given at least another year as Gunner’s manager. Why?

“There are lots of different aspects of a football club that have to be discussed at a board meeting and one of them will be the manager’s future, as well as the players that have to come in, the contracts and all of that. You don’t miss problems in a board meeting”, explained Wenger to the press. He has sounded reasonable as he always did and this is one of the things that would make his employees to keep faith in him. they know that though the years Wenger has managed to keep Arsenal both at the top of the Premier League and in the Champions league without being given the same big transfer budgets as Man United, Man City, Chelsea and even Liverpool.

The main reason for Wenger to stay is that he has the support of Arsenal’s stars! 

Ozil and Sanchez have been been discussing they new deals with the club, as their current contracts are going to expire in 2018 and Wenger gave them his support by saying that they don’t look like players who want to leave the club. “They behave like they want to be at the club, be in the champions League. They don’t behave like players who don’t want to be at the club”, said the Frenchman.

Both Arsenal stars have believe in Wenger and also have an excellent relationship with him. Ozil has been recently put under wire from the the fans and the press who pinned fingers at him due to some unconvincing performances. However, Wenger has given both players his support by saying “I don’t question, at the moment, their focus and their determination because every game they turn up and give strong performances”.

Arsenal will continue building the team around Ozil and Sanchez

When asked about whether Arsenal could keep Ozil and Sanchez if the club fails to make in the top four the Frenchman explained: “No, because they are part of the results as well. Like I am. Overall, I think first of all they are under contract and secondly they behave like they want to be in the Champions League and like they want to be at the club. They don’t behave like players who are disinterested in the future of the club”.

“Sometimes the frustration more than anything is about the fact we could be challenging for the Premier League title”, said Alexis Sanchez, who was the best Arsenal’s player this season. His own future as well as the one of Mesut Ozil have been a hot topic this season as their respective contracts near their final year. Sanchez has spoken to the press and said that “Sometimes when I look at the team we have and the players here… because when it comes to winning the Premier League we often lose or draw against teams at home when we are superior”.

The Chilean has been offered a new lucrative deal by Arsenal but he is yet to sign the new contract. Paris St-Germain and Juventus are among the clubs who want to sign him, while Bayern Munich and Manchester City are monitoring the situation. After the Arsenal home win against Sunderland Sanchez said “I cannot tell you now about my future. We have to wait until the end of the season. As I always say, it doesn’t depend on me. It depends on the club. What they like, what they don’t like. I always said the same: I try to do my best, to support the team, to score goals, to win victories. And we will see at the end. If they like that I carry on, or they don’t. Whatever they want, we will see it at the end of the tournament”.

It is simple. A player who talks like that need a manager who supports him and a club that is big enough to fight for titles. Arsenal has it all, despite underperforming this season in the league. Next years would be different, however. Therefore Alexis Sanchez is very likely to stay in Arsenal, especially if the club keeps its confidence in Arsene Wenger.

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