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Why it makes sense for Neymar to join PSG?

It’s been the biggest transfer story of the summer, one of the most talked about in recent years and could potentially break the transfer record for an amount of money not many of us expected to ever see spent on a single player. Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain has been on the lips of every football fan on the planet these past few weeks, with rumours and talk of a potential deal in the offing being batted away as “silly transfer rumours” but in fact, it’s more than just that.

Nobody knows what is going on, which only adds to the intrigue. Usually with a big transfer story, there are some respected journalists online who usually have a fast track, an inside scoop, on what exactly is going on. In this case, everyone is wondering what will happen next, but with no one having information, people have been trying to analyse the move for all parties and decide whether this move makes sense for the clubs and player and whether it is the right move.

Would it be a wrong move?

A lot of people have said that the move for Neymar doesn’t make any sense and that it’s the completely wrong move for a player of his ability coming into his prime. But is it really that wrong of a move? The player wants to go, by all accounts he’s all but agreed a move to PSG and Barcelona would stand to get around £200 million for a want away player.

For Neymar, he has a desire to be the greatest player on the planet, he wants that Balon D’or but can he get that at Barcelona when Lionel Messi is still there? No, no one can because as Gerard Pique said, Messi will always be the greatest. Lionel Messi is a bigger than Barcelona and anyone who has the desire to be the World Player of the Year, like Neymar does, has to put that desire on the back burner. Paris Saint-Germain has the ability to give Neymar what he wants.

He wants the Champions League as the main man, he wants the accolades, he wants a team built around him and he wants to be indulged. PSG can give him what he wants, Barcelona at this moment in time cannot. People may look at PSG and think “they aren’t big enough to win the Champions League” but remember how good they were in that first leg against Barcelona this past season? Everyone said that they had never seen a team tear apart Barcelona like that before. But who was the only player from Barcelona not to disgrace themself in that first leg? Neymar.

The player would get what he wants, he’d be paid handsomely for his services and PSG would finally have the tools and the world class player to push them to the highest level. He’d be a huge asset on the pitch, but he’d be a marketing machine off it too. If you walk down the Champs-Elysses to the PSG shop down the bottom, you can just picture the unveiling parade, with hoards of fans waving at the new Parisian superstar.

PSG need Neymar, Neymar needs PSG if he is to attain his goals, but can they afford his release clause and wages? I’m not an account and I’m not privy to PSG’s finances, but I would imagine that they’ve come up with a plan to bring Neymar to the club. They wouldn’t make this move without setting up some sort of method of payment for his release clause to Barcelona, to Neymar himself and to what his dad wants.

For PSG it is about winning the Champions League!

Another question that has been asked is whether PSG actually need Neymar. The answers range from “of course they don’t, they should spend the money in other areas” to “you can’t turn down a talent like this when he becomes available.” Both are very valid answers and good arguments, but Neymar could be the star of a generation. PSG need a player like him, because they are craving that Champions League success.

And that is what defines this potential transfer. It isn’t about Ligue 1, it isn’t about the Coupe de France or the Coupe de la Ligue, it’s all about the Champions League. PSG are desperate for it, and they know that if anyone can bring it to the French capital, it’s Neymar.

The Champions League is what defines a legacy for players now and whilst Neymar already has one winners medal, at Paris Saint-Germain he can be the star of the team, not part of a dynamic forward trio. Edinson Cavani is an outstanding striker and Draxler and Di Maria are superb players but none are of the standing of Neymar. I don’t think people understand how big Neymar could be as a Paris Saint-Germain player.

That is why Neymar moving to Paris Saint-Germain makes complete sense, at least from his point of view. He wants to be a star and here comes this club who are big on the European stage that are promising him everything he wants. It isn’t about winning Ligue 1, it isn’t about anything else other than the Champions League. That’s what both parties are craving, so that is why it is a match made in heaven.

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