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Arsenal will be a better offensive team this season?

Arsenal have never been a team that anyone would depreciate as they have always had a lot of quality in their squad. The Gunners have impressive firepower and we’d expect them to do better in attack this season, than they did last one. Alexandre Lacazette is a very good striker and if he starts creating opportunities and scoring goals, Arsenal will benefit a lot of his signing. The Gunners offensive line looks frightening with Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud and Alex Iwobi playing there. The team also needs to have Mesut Ozil at his best this season and if plays at a high level, Arsenal will return into the Premier League’s top four.

Wenger must improve the defense!

A major concern for Arsenal fans would be the team’s defence. Arsenal have good defensive players, at least on paper. Still, they have been unconvincing last season. In 2017 Arsenal Wenger switched the team’s defensive formation from 4 in the back to 3 central defenders, supported by wingers. It worked a bit, but it wasn’t enough to save Arsenal’s season.

It was like something has been missing inside the Gunners team. In many games Arsenal have just looked very predictable and lacked character. In comparison, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool was more or less at the same level with the Gunners last season, in terms of the overall team’s capacity. However, Reds showed a lot of character and fought hard for each and every point, especially after January when they dropped out of the top 4.

This season will be very challenging for the Gunners. They start with a game against Chelsea for the FA Community Shield trophy and then open the Premier League against Leicester City at Emirates. The Community Shield game is always a very good opportunity for the teams to check where they stand at the beginning of the season. It is not an important trophy, but it is always good to win it, as it boosts the winners confidence.

Arsenal’s opponent in the Community Shield – Chelsea are a very good team, but a team in transition. In order to win the game Arsenal need to surprise the Blues and to play with a lot of passion. Gunners might opt in for a high pressing game or would play at counter attack. Whatever they do, the most important thing for the Wenger’s team is to be as much unpredictable in their passing and ball movement, as possible.

Predictability would kill Arsenal’s season as the Gunners are tasked to play in a “Thursday – Sunday” cycle, due to their involvement in the UEFA Europa League. Arsene Wenger will need to rotate a lot or even play with two different formations in Premier League and in the Europa League. Whatever he decides to do, the most important thing is what Wenger will tell his players to do. If he wants them to play mostly a tactical game, this would prove to be a wrong decision. If he tells them to be creative and to enjoy their game, Arsenal would get be a very entertaining and a winning side.

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