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Rooney’s Renaissance

Wayne Rooney has enjoyed a great start of the Premier League season, one he would dream about on his return to his boyhood club. The England’s all time goalscorer deserves to be praised about his decision to return to Everton, rather than chasing a big money move to China or any other lesser in terms of quality, but a rich football league.

Most football experts, commentators and many fans, haven’t considered Rooney’s retune to Goodsion Park as a significant transfer for Everton. Many have commented that the Blues striker is past his best years, while others questioned Everton’s ability to achieve anything with or without Wayne Rooney in their squad. It is too early to project that the Toffees would win a trophy this year. However, what we have seen from them at Etihad on Monday night makes the projections that Everton will be a top side this season very easy.

I have been impressed by the composure the Everton’s team showed in their Monday night visit to Etihad stadium. The Ronald Koema’s team didn’t go to play for a draw on their visit to Manchester. They have attacked as much as they could, considering the fact that they have played an away game against one of the best teams in the world, in terms of ball possession.

Everton have taken a lead thanks to Wayne Rooney’s opener and then have given their best to close the spaces for Man City and to limit their opportunities to equalize. It has been an intelligent defensive performance, even though the match itself has become a little bit unpleasant to watch within the final 15 minutes. At that time, the Toffees have been forced by the Sky Blues to sit very deep in their own half, around the penalty area. But this was something that everyone who knows Manchester City’s game would have expected.

Speaking before the fixture Ronald Koeman said that “If we get a clean sheet on Monday I don’t know if it would be a miracle!” and the result has proved that he was right to hold no illusions about the way the fixture would go.

Wayne Rooney’s factor!

Everton weren’t far from winning at Etihad, but the draw was a great results for them. The second yellow card shown to Kyle Walker and his subsequent sent off in the 44th minute helped a lot to Everton, as Manchester City left with ten men and had to change their formation a bit. However, Wayne Rooney’s goal came in 35th minute when Everton played against a City team which was supposed to be at their best.

The Sky Blues put the Toffees under pressure and Sergio Aguero could have scored in 25th minute. Everton have been very lucky David Silva hit the right post behind Jordan Pickford. It was in the area where the Everton’s new central defender Michael Kane and Mason Holgate operated and for any reason it was a weak point in the Everton’s defence during the first half.

The opportunity for Toffees came in the 35th minute when Leroy Sane made a mistake and surrendered the ball to one of the England’s rising stars Dominic Calvert-Lewin. He left the ball to Mason Holgate, who has advanced towards the penalty area and passed it back to Calvert-Lewin, who has meanwhile moved to the right. The England’s U20 striker has dribbled and then passed the ball to Wayne Rooney who was in a perfect position to score. Many striker’s in Rooney’s position would miss the target, but not him, on this particular occasion.

Wayne Ronney has shined in the first two games of the seasons and his goals won Everton 4 points. It has been a dreamed comeback for him and it  has created a lot of enthusiasm among the Everton fans who are now dreaming about something big this season. Rooney has made the right decision to go back home and it helped him, not just to revive his career, but to bring himself to another level. His last few seasons in Manchester were a time of decline for Manchester United. Despite being one of the players who has contributed a lot to the Red Devils’ game during this period, Rooney has been treated a little bit unfairly by Jose Mourinho, who has changed his status from undisputed team leader to a squad player. It was a wrong decision, which forced Rooney to move back to Everton.

At the end of this Premier League season, the Wayne Rooney’s return to Everton might be defined as the best summer transfer. He is obviously close to his best and his presence on the pitch has energized both his team mates and the Everton’s supporters.

The press has started talking about Rooney’s return to the England’s national team for the next year’s World Cup, something which sounds a little bit premature. The England’s all time goalscorer has a very clear objective – to help his home club to win a trophy and he will give everything he could, to achieve it. Any other plans would be subsequent to this one.

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