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How Crystal Palace and Liverpool fans react to De Boer’s sacking and to Roy Hodgson’s appointment?

We have selected some comments made by Crystal Palace and Liverpool fans who have reflected on the Frank De Boer sacking and the appointment of Roy Hodgson as Palace manager.

A Crystal Palace fan Ned Rocke says in one of the Eagles’ Facebook groups that he was a huge fan of De Boer’s work so far, “but that is way too little time to do anything”. “I would be interested to know if it was Steve Parish that made the call our whether the Americans (Editorial Note: American investors Josh Harris and David Blitzer) gave him a nudge. Surely he can’t have been too disheartened by the Burnley game!”

Mr. Rocke also comments on Palace performance against Burnley and says “In fairness to Frank De Boer, that was actually quite a good performance. One shitful error at the back, but created enough to win that 9 times. Just don’t know why we didn’t set up like that the last three weeks”.

Another Palace fan, Chris Moss adds “At least we tried to lob into the box and do a few aerial pssses that put them under pressure. I think it will take another month to get really good. In between we could win a match or two.”

Paul Tant writes “Bloody hell what an absolute fiasco. If our form continued as it had in the home games I could understand it, but I think we turned a bit of a corner yesterday, if not in terms of the result or scoring at least in terms of performance.”

“No age discrimination, but appointing a 70 year old manager probably isn’t for the long term, eh? So we’re back in the same old cycle”, adds also Mr. Tant.

Liverpool fans feel for Crystal Palace

Despite that Crystal Palace are one of the Premier League teams that have been terrorizing the Reds within the last few seasons, taking all the points when both teams played against each other, the Liverpool fans are sympathetic to The Eagles.

“Feel sorry for palace fans even though I’m a LFC supporter! He will send them rite back to the championship all the hard work of big Sam and pards down the toilet they have some good players just need a motivator but woy is not the one”, says Richie Marchant who lives in Brighton.

Colin Bell add taht he feels “sorry for Palace fans. Worst manager in our history and also so arrogant. He’s always going on about his ‘great” management record when all he’s won is some tinpot cups in Scandanavia about 30 years ago!”, says mr Bell.

“He’s like a predator that bides his time. When the times right out he comes. And as quickly usually disappears with a whimper”, says Iain Peters.

James Griffiths thinks that he feels sorry for De Boer, but “there was no way he was going to play expansive football there. It would take years to transform them”.

“I can’t believe a manager getting sacked after only 4 matches, this is the first weekend back since the transfer dd closed and it may just take a little longer to get then all gelling together, but 4 games and then you get replaced by Hodgson really? And what is he going to do that different then before?”, posts David Deer in the Liverpool Echo’s Facebook group.

Another Red’s fan Tommy Hurst says that he thinks that Ronald De Boer “would have been a success at Palace given time, 4 games to make his mark”.

“What a catastrophe for Palace, if it’s Roy Hodgson get ready for boring, boring football. I wouldn’t have him in charge of an under 16s in a boys league”, writes Roger Lumley.

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