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Liverpool international fans – doubters, Merseysiders still believers!

Most international fans of Liverpool FC are skeptical about the Reds chances to win their home fixture against Manchester United. At the same time Merseyside locals are much more optimistic and believe that Jurgen Klopp’s side can go past United. In other words Jurgen Klopp has managed to keep most local fans as believers, while many of international Liverpool FC supporters one are still doubters.

We have selected some opinions expressed in the social networks.

Lee Knight: “Time to change formation. 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield. Can holding, salah right side, Hendo left sided and coutinho at point of diamond with free role. Firmino and either sturridge or solanke in attack. We can’t cope without mane in this formation as we’ve proven over and over again. Need to change. Salah the only pacey threat will now be doubled up on and marked out of games. You can’t man mark both mane and salah but you can mark just salah out of a game so we need to change things up. One striker up front isn’t working lately so change and play two up top. We thrashed West ham at end of last season in a 4-4-2 without mane. Need Lallana back asap.”

Jack Cumberland: “Hopefully… Oxlade-Chamberlain will get a run in the side and an opportunity to find some form. Whether that is as a direct replacement in left wing or pushing coutinho back into that position and giving Ox a crack at the midfield role he has been craving. Can’t really be less effective than Wijnaldum.”

Martin Drury: “Quality of the squad is mediocre and on top of that not big enough, no Plan B. Naby Keita and VVD will not save this team, it’s the tactics and zonal marking that is killing us.”

Ian Pauline Wilson: “Getting fed up with all the injuries we suffer whilst on “international duty”. And the league fine us for players refusing to go to international games. Think of the money spent and lost due to injury and the BPL and FIFA endorse it. There should be compensation from FIFA – you know from all that money they have in their coffers – for lost man games. 6 weeks at 150 pounds a week makes for just shy of a million pounds.”

Lee Fenwick: “This is why we shouldn’t have internationals during the domestic season.its just a joke.our season is rapidly becoming a joke anyway and now we lose one of our best if not best player for a crunch match against Man Utd. I would like to say some players will step up but I can’t see it happening.sturridge has missed chances against spartak moscow and Newcastle when he should have scored so I can’t see him stepping up and chamberlain just needs time to step up. If I had to choose between club or country I would gladly choose club.”

David Radrorth: “I would now (after Saudi Mane’s injury) put Firmino out wide ( and tell him he has to work harder now ) allowing Solanke or Sturridge to play in the middle but do not bring in Oxlaide-Chamberlaine for this match please. Henderson is below par at this moment in time, I was going to say drop him but seeing its a United game, hes liable to buck up his ideas. And as for the defence it has to be Gomez, Matip, Lovren and Moreno. I like Trent but hes likely to get booked and sent off in my opinion against this lot.”

Bevan Leeke: “Am I the only one who thinks that Moreno should be given a chance at left wing and play Robertson at left back? I think he would be an insane winger.”

Shawn Chen: “Pains me to see Henderson constantly being picked on merit as a captain, plays no forward or through passes, does nothing to inspire the team too. Klopp’s ego and refusal to play Milner in centre midfield instead of Gini who has been quiet for the past few games will cost Liverpool. Robertson has been in fine form for the games that he’s been picked, but Klopp insists on picking Moreno. Signs Ox for 35m but rotting on the bench and only gets to play 20-30mins after the games have been lost.”

Sommy Uwakwe: “Please Can should start. Wijnaldum shouldn’t near the line up. Pogba and Fellaini are absent that means their midfield lacks strength and height. Klopp should win the midfield and win the game.:

Hugh Hannigan: “For the first time in as long as i can remember i am not looking forward to playing utd. Mourinho, like most managers except Wenger, has Klopps number. He will park the bus and Lukaku will destroy our defence.”

Kevin Reader: “So many experts, obviously JK and all the England managers that keep selecting Hendo know nothing. You’ll be calling for JK to be sacked next, perhaps one of plastic experts will get the job. Go and support another club true Liverpool fans support the team through thick and thin.”

Shane Lynskey: “Solution… fill the box quicker …if our midfield gets up and supports quicker we can destroy them… a bit more like last season… I’d welcome llalana back now…”

He Kyaw Tan: “Time to park the bus against Man United and get a win. This is to let Mourinho taste his own medicine. Come on boys!!”

John Kenneth: “Not a good time to have sadio mane out, not good at all, we will miss him this few weeks, I certainly can’t tell how the game would go, but we all know the defense is a mess, I just hope they wake up.”

Simon Morgan: “Phil Thompson makes me laugh reading on sky sports he says he can’t see United scoring at Anfield.”

Ikechukwu Peter: “I will rather have Ox in the midfield than Can especially since he will cease to be our player in January.”

Brian West: “Liverpool will surprise a lot of people this weekend.”

Mark J. Smith: “First time in ages I’ve been worried about playing them , can’t see anything other than a loss and not because they are good cos they ain’t.”

Mario Valentino Monaco: “It will be a tough test as Utd are in form and scoring and we’re not. I’d like to see Andy Robertson start and James Milner in midfield instead of Gini Wijnaldum with Hendo and Emre, to protect our back 4, and have Philippe, Roberto and Salah up front. We need to out-number Utd in the centre of the park. And when it’s say 0-0 or 1-1 after 55/ 65 minutes, only then throw on Daniel Sturridge to get the winner.”

David Spare: “So much negativity!! Most of these so called supporters must have migrated from Kop Talk. Absolutely fed up up with these glory hunters, true fans support their team through thick and thin. Real fans will be at the match supporting their team or cheering them on on TV. We may lose but we are still Liverpool FC.”

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