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Championship Predictions: Derby and Aston Villa to keep winning, Nottingham to finally split points?

As days go on, our favorite time of the week is coming closer. Even though some of the games have just been finished, yet another wonderful match week in Championship is ahead of us. For some clubs, this gameweek will be a lot easier than the last one, while for the others it will be as tough as it always is. Will Leeds end their bad run and get back into play-offs? And can Bolton continue their good results against Norwich? We represent you our prediction for this Championship match week.

Wolves vs Fulham

On Friday night, we’ll have a satisfaction of watching Wolves play against Fulham. By any means this will be a tough game, but tougher for Fulham than for Wolves. Wolves managed to get some excellent results this season as they sit 1st, one point ahead of Cardiff. Fulham on the other hand is having a tough time this season and they just don’t seem strong enough to win a game like this.

Wolves to win: 2-0

Bristol City vs Cardiff

Both clubs are having a great run and with them being direct opponents, this is a unique chance to get what they are both heading for. Cardiff is excellent away, while Bristol City is not so brilliant at home so far. But with importance of this game, Bristol City will need to give their best to get a good result.

Bristol City to win: 2-1

Aston Villa vs Sheffield Wednesday

Even though Sheffield Wednesday is a good squad, this should be an easy game for Aston Villa. Wednesday had some awful results away so far and it just doesn’t look like they can end that bad run against such a strong side like Aston Villa. Both are big clubs and both know how much this game can change, but so far, Aston Villa proved to be better side.

Aston Villa to win: 2-0

Barnsley vs Birmingham

Birmingham is having a really hard time to find the back of the net this season. Quite the opposite, Barnsley’s attack is quite good while their defence is their biggest problem. However, these kinds of games are the ones that Barnsley should use to get up, and their squad is good enough to get a win over Birmingham.

Barnsley to win: 3-1

Bolton vs Norwich

Norwich got beaten against Wolves on Tuesday, and to get into play-offs they will need a win in this game. Lucky for them, Bolton is finding it hard playing at home, while they have been magnificent away this season. One thing is certain; Norwich is going for the win.

Norwich to win: 0-2

Derby vs Reading

Derby haven’t lost 7 of their last games, and there is nothing that indicates they will lose this one. Reading have been poor this season and while they are struggling, Derby has been getting some great results. With Derby playing at home, this should be an easy game for them.

Derby to win: 2-1

Ipswich vs Preston

Here are some of the direct opponents. Both have had a great start, and both are having a bad run lately. Ipswich is playing at home, but that won’t help them much as they are not so great at home lately too. So, both sides will be heading for a win, but draw will be most likely outcome for this one.

Draw: 1-1

Millwall vs Burton

Burton is struggling while Millwall have been magnificent at home. They have a support and they know how to win. Much better sides played against Millwall this season and went home without points, so it is hard to imagine Burton getting a good result from this game.

Millwall to win: 2-0

Nottingham Forest vs QPR

QPR won against Wolves and Sheffield United in their last two games, but that was at home. Away, they are yet to grab a win this season, and Nottingham Forest is in good form so far. Nottingham didn’t have a draw in their last 22 games, but it looks like it’s finally a time for them to split points with another club.

Draw: 1-1

Sheffield United vs Hull

Now, this would be a tough game. Both teams are in great form, but it appears that Sheffield United is in better. After all, results are saying everything. Sheffield United will need to aim for a win in this game if they are thinking of getting the 1st spot back. Hull is a tough opponent, but Sheffield United is strong enough to fight for a win.

Sheffield United to win: 2-0

Brentford vs Leeds

Leeds are having a bad run, and getting a win from this game is something that they will need to aim for. But are they good enough to do that? Brentford proved to be one of the toughest sides in Championship, and I would say that they will let Leeds go home with a win so easy.

Draw: 2-2

Middlesbrough vs Sunderland

Sunderland sacked Simon Grayson after they managed to get only a draw against Bolton on Tuesday. As a club they are falling apart, and this game is a perfect opportunity for Middlesbrough to get some easy points. They are on a good run and they are heading to play-offs. This should be an easy win for Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough to win: 3-0

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