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S. Aguero – one of the few in a dying breed of football players?

Have Sergio Aguero ever had an opportunity to leave Manchester City and to get another lucrative contract with any other big club? Probably yes! Could he’ve earned more money elsewhere? Considering the tax laws in the U.K., the answer is “yes”. Could he’ve win more titles with another club like PSG for example? Yes, he could!

Still Aguero has always looked down to earth and dedicated to his club. He has also said on a number of occasions that his wish is to leave Etihad only to join Independiente, his boyhood club in Argentina.

Such integrity and commitment a rRe on the modern day football. Especially for a player who could have always been in the radar for any big club in the world, including the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid. He has been an Atletico Madrid player before joining City, something that would have ever make his transfer to Los Blancos a bit harder, but it not impossible.

With his 178 goals scored so far for Manchester City Aguero is not just the club’s leading goalscorer, but also one of the most successful strikers in the Premier League where he has netted 130 of those goals. If Aguero plays regularly he would probably enter the Top 6 of the Premier League’s all time goal scorers, he just needs to net another 33 goals within seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19, which is very likely considering his qualities and work ethics. This would be a remarkable achievement considering the fact that it would done in just 8 Premier League seasons. It is also very likely that he’d help Pep Guardiola’s Blues to win two consecutive English top-flight titles, before his departure to his homeland.

What fans say about Aguero?

Lesley Ann Thorburn-Woodhouse: Don’t think I know any other player from any other team where the player/fan relationship is so strong! You are so amazing and I am as proud to say I’m a city fan as you are to put that shirt on week in and week out! Congratulations Serge. We love you.

Ste Rutter: You are a true Gentleman Sergio and a credit to your family, friends fans and team mates. A humble and great example of a sporting legend. A privilege to have you play for the team I’ve supported since a boy.

Adele Burton: Sergiooooo you deserve all the accolades that come your way. You are and always have been wonderful to watch. A true professional since you arrived at Manchester City. Big congratulations on your achievement, you are just fantastic.

Eunice Flynn: Serge you are a nice man and a Great football player as a City Fan for many years I can say . You are special to us fans and our team.

Pauline Law: You deserve this accolade Sergio even rival fans like you and wish you were playing for them. We are lucky to have you and wish you many, many more goals to come.

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