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Sheffield United go for a straight promotion?

Getting promoted from League One to Championship can be tough for some clubs. There is more quality in Championship so most clubs are trying to just avoid relegation battle and get back to League One before they settle down in Championship. However, Sheffield United look like nothing can stop them. They have not only managed to continue their magnificent run, but they are also fighting for yet another straight promotion. This time they are aiming for Premier League.

Last season they finished as first in League One with 100 points and desire to continue their amazing form in Championship. But having a good chance for another straight promotion is something that nobody expected from Sheffield United. Once you see them play, their style and passion will assure you that they are confident and ready to fight for their spot in Premier League.

Faith and motivation as a key to their success?

What divides them from most of the newly promoted League One clubs is not just excellent squad and amazing manager, but a big club mentality too and the fact that fighting for a Premier League is nothing strange for a club with such a big history. Faith and motivation is something that every squad needs in order to achieve great things, and other than amazing fans, Sheffield United managed to find a right manager to motivate their squad.

Considering that Wolves are now in much better form than any other Championship club, Sheffield United will have to fight for second place in order to get a straight promotion. Cardiff City and Aston Villa might be their biggest rivals at a moment as they are all trying to avoid the play-offs and get to Premier League safely.

Chris Wilder – third promotion in a row?

The fact that Chris Wilder managed to win a League Two title with Northampton Town getting 99 points, than win the League One with Sheffield United and secure 100 points is telling that he is capable of winning yet another promotion and he will try to do that with Sheffield United this season.

Right tactics are one of the reasons why Sheffield United is securing some great results in Championship so far, but attacking football can sometimes lead the team to concede more. Chris Wilder is focused on winning every match and getting into game with a desire to only take a point seems like it’s not an option for him. Taking that risk might be a key to his success and having great players in attack is helping him to establish his attacking system and motivate the squad to fight for a promotion.

Great in attack, solid at the back

Leon Clarke and Billy Sharp are having a great time finding a back of the net. Young David Brooks is getting a more time every game. They enjoy their attacking football and they are producing lots of goals. But having a great attack is not so effective if you are not solid at the back, and Sheffield United is having some excellent, both young and experienced defenders. Their squad certainly has enough quality to fight for a promotion as most of the players are hitting their form and enjoying their football.

Next few fixtures to secure them second spot?

December is a perfect month for Sheffield United to secure second spot. They need to continue winning as they will play against their direct opponents Aston Villa and Bristol City. Easy points against Sunderland and Bolton are to be expected, but in order to continue their fight for a straight promotion, Sheffield United will need to win against their direct opponents.

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