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Championship Predictions: Millwall, Middlesbrough and Wolves to win?

A Fulham player celebrates scoring

After this weekend, Wolves will certainly stay first, while Cardiff must fight to maintain second. Their next two games are against Aston Villa and Derby County and these games are crucial for both them and Fulham. In relegation zone it seems like only Barnsley can still fight for survival, while Sunderland and Burton are 7 points behind Bolton.

Aston Villa vs Cardiff

Cardiff needs to get back on tracks, they missed two penalties against Wolves and now instead of fighting for the first place, they need to fight to maintain second. Aston Villa is a tough side; they are well organized in defence and their attack is magnificent. Cardiff improved their away performance, but winning an away game against Aston Villa can be hard for any side. Although both sides are excellent in attack, they will rely on defence more, and this game can easily end with both sides keeping a clean sheet.

Draw: 0-0

Bristol City vs Birmingham

I expect another draw here. Both sides are quite good, but Bristol City is on a bad run, while Birmingham is unbeaten in their last four games. It’s too much to expect from Birmingham to win, they are playing excellent under Garry Monk, but it’s an away game against Bristol City and both sides are having quite similar style of play. I would expect both teams to score, but I don’t think that any side will score more than once.

Draw: 1-1

Burton vs Hull

I don’t know what happened to Hull, but they are getting some excellent results lately. Burton on the other side is stuck in relegation zone, their home performance is awful and they are struggling to score. Still I expect a lot of goals from this one, as Hull has score quite a lot lately, and Burton is conceding too many. Burton can’t go for a draw in this won, they need a win and they will try to get it, so I expect this game to be more open since the win is the only way for Burton to keep fighting.

Hull to win: 1-3

Fulham vs Reading

Reading is more defensive side, while Fulham is playing an attacking football. Fulham will for sure have more possession in this one; they will attack more, while Reading will wait for their chance from the counter. And although Reading has won against Preston in their last game, I don’t think that their squad is good enough to compete with Fulham. Partnership between Ryan Sessegnon and Aleksandar Mitrovic continued on Saturday, and it will be hard for Reading to keep at least one of them from scoring.

Fulham to win: 2-0

Ipswich vs Barnsley

This is the big game for Barnsley. Bolton will play against Millwall, and if Barnsley wins, they might get out of the relegation zone. Ipswich is having a really bad run, they haven’t won any of their last six matches and playing against a relegation side can be tough in this part of the season. I expect Barnsley to win this one, they need a win, they had some good results lately and they look motivated and ready to fight for a survival.

Barnsley to win: 0-1

Nottingham Forest vs Brentford

Brentford is getting back on the winning run, while Nottingham Forest hasn’t won any of their last five matches. This would be a tough match, and I do not expect a lot of goals from this one. Nottingham Forest will defend; Brentford will have more possession and more chances. It’s hard to predict if there will be a draw or will Brentford manage to win, but I believe that Brentford is having an excellent team and that they can score on Tuesday.

Brentford to win: 0-1

Preston vs Leeds

Preston is on the bad run, but Leeds United is really struggling to win lately. This kind of game suits Leeds United more as they are playing counter attacking football and Preston will work really hard to have more possession and to attack. Considering the fact that both teams are on the bad run, this will be a tough game, and although I expect both teams to score, I don’t think that any side will score more than once.

Draw: 1-1

QPR vs Sheffield Wednesday

QPR is quite simple, they are winning at home, and they are losing away. Sheffield Wednesday is quite similar to them actually, so this shouldn’t be such a hard game for QPR. Both teams will attack, and both teams will try to win, but considering the fact that QPR is playing at home, they are having a better chance to win.

QPR to win: 2-1

Sheffield United vs Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough can’t afford to lose any game. Millwall is right behind them, and if they lose the game, they might lose their play-off spot too. However, Sheffield United is not an easy opponent, they are fighting for play-offs too, and a win against Middlesbrough is the best way for them to get closer to play-offs. Draw is not good enough for any side, so both teams will try to win. This will be quite an entertaining game and for me, Middlesbrough is having a better chance to win.

Middlesbrough to win: 1-2

Sunderland vs Norwich

Norwich is excellent when it comes to an away performance, while Sunderland is awful at home. Sunderland is stuck in relegation zone and when it comes to their survival, I don’t think that they can make it. Norwich has won against Aston Villa in their last match and games like that can be a big boost for the team. James Maddison has been excellent this season and Nelson Oliveira is back from injury, so it will be hard for Sunderland defence to keep Norwich from scoring.

Norwich to win: 0-2

Bolton vs Millwall

Millwall is now unbeaten in their last 15 games, and although Bolton is good at home, Millwall is fighting for play-offs. Both clubs need a win, but Millwall is in much better position. Bolton has lost their last three games, they are in awful form and they can get back in relegation zone if they lose this one. I don’t expect a lot of goals as I believe that this will be a tough game, however, I do expect Millwall to score as I think that they are having much better chance of winning.

Millwall to win: 0-1

Wolves vs Derby

This is quite a big game; Derby County needs a win as they are looking to stay in play-offs, while Wolves have pretty much secured their first place after their win against Cardiff. Wolves will play without pressure and they can easily score since Derby County is struggling not to concede lately. Both teams are excellent in attack and I expect both teams to score, but Wolves are certainly a better side and they are having a better chance to win.

Wolves to win: 2-1

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