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Premier League predictions: Last day of the season

At the end of this Premier League season it is time to go back and check what football experts and pundits have predicted. Most of them thought that Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United will fight for the title, while Tottenham and Arsenal would battle for Top 4 finish. Liverpool was one of the teams who most experts has written off as none of them believed that the red are capable to finish in the top 4.

The Jurgen Klopp led team has enjoyed a remarkable season, but ironically the Reds still have time to prove that those who didn’t believe in them at the end of the season have a very right to do so.

When we look at the bottom of the table,  we can say that football experts who have projected that Huddersfield will go back to the Premier League haven’t been that good this season. We need to give credit to David Wagner and the Terriers, who have kept their place in the premier league despite their moderate transfer budget.

What do we expect from the 2017/2018 Premier League’s final day?

Burnley vs AFC Bournemouth

Those are two team who have been progressing within the last few seasons. Burnley should be really proud of themselves as they overachieved this season and will finish 7th with 54 points. Bournemouth have had their ups and downs, but the Cherries are obviously a team with a Premier League quality, so it is not surprise that they will stay in the top flight for another season.

Burnley to win: 2:1

Crystal Palace vs West Bromwich Albion

I haven’t believed that Roy Hodgson will manage to keep the Eagles in the Premier League, but I was wrong. Despite being a disaster during his time at Liverpool and despite his controversial record as England manager, Hodgson is obviously good enough to be successful in the Premier League. However, the truth is that Crystal Palace have enough quality in their squad and the players stepped up and did whatever they had to do for their club and the fans.

West Brom have been poorly managed club almost the whole season. It is a shame that the West Brom board  could not appoint the current caretaker manager Darren Moore earlier in the season. He has been superb so far and he should be given a permanent job, so he would lead the Baggies back to the Premier League.

Draw: 1:1

Huddersfield Town vs Arsenal

There are good news for Arsenal and it is that the club is moving forward. The Gunners will have a new manager who would be looking at the future. His e=immediate task will be to finish in the top 4 next season and to bring Arsenal back in the Champions League. The Gunners will be a team in transition next season. They might fight for the title, but it is unlikely that they will win it.

Everyone should be impressed by David Wagner’s effort and his achievement. He has managed to keep Hudderseilf in the Premier League by building on what they have achieved in the EFL Championship, rather than by revamping the squad. He is fantastic manager and the Terriers will be happy if they could him him at Falmer Stadium for few more seasons.

Draw: 2:2

Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Liverpool simply love drama. In April the have drawn two games – away against the already relegated West Bromwich Albion and at Anfield against the almost relegated Stoke City. Jurgen Klopp’s side have lost 4 points agains the worst teams in the league at times when they really needed those points. So, now after being a Top 4 side for most of the season and after having a chance to finish second, Liverpool must either draw or win at home against Brighton, who can allow themselves to go to Anfield and enjoy  their game.

I thing that Liverpool will qualify for the next year’s Champions League and they could even win this year’s one in Kiev on May 26, but I also think that Brighton will draw on their visit to Anfield.

Draw: 1:1

Manchester United vs Watford

At the end of the season Jose Mourinho will be pointing fingers to the 81 points Manchester United have won in the Premier League and his only excuse for not winning the title will be that the Red Devils were “outspent” by Manchester City. Watford have played some very good games this season, but their owners have been a disappointment in the way they have managed the club. They have changed too many managers and this might result in Watford having troubles next season.

Manchester United to win: 4:0

Newcastle United vs Chelsea

I really curious on whether Rafael Benitez led Magpies will be able to finish the season with a draw or even to win against Chelsea. The Blues will be under pressure to win this game and to hope that Brighton will do the same at Anfield. On paper Antonio Conte’s team should win this game as they are a very good team. However, Newcastle haven’t won a game since April 15 when they managed t beat Arsenal 2:1 at St. James’s Park. I don’t think that they will win against Chelsea, but it is very likely that they will draw their last game of the season.

There is a good reason for Chelsea to slip out of the Top 4 this season, The Blues have been inconsistent and now they should focus on winning the FA Cup against Manchester United.

Draw: 2:2

Southampton vs Manchester City

Under Mark Hughe’s management the Southampton players have managed to secure the club’s place in the Premier League. At the same time the Stoke City owners have said they should have sacked him sooner, which is a total lack of judgement. In fact without Mark Hughes, who has changed Stoke City’s ugly playing style and improved them a lot within the last few seasons, the Potters would be retuning to the EFL Championship sooner.

There’s nothing to say about Manchester City at the moment. It is interesting who will Pep Guardiola bring to Etihad this summer to keep improving his team. City will need new attacking players and I’m sure they will buy some.

Manchester City to win: 1:2

Swansea City vs Stoke City

I fancy Swansea to win on their last Premier League game against the hopeless Stoke City, who deserver to be relegated. I feel for the Stoke fans, who are very passionate about their club. They need to be angry with the owner for their inconsistence, however.

Swansea to win: 2:1

Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City

Spurs have secured their place in the next year’s Champions League and keep progressing under Mauricio Pochettino. They have a lot of work to do to become the club they were in the past and they seem to be on the right track.

The 3:1 Leicester City’s 3:1 home win against Arsenal proved that Claude Puel should be given at least another year in charge of the club. Leicester have the potential to finish in the Premier League’s top 7 next season and they should focus on that during the summer.

Tottenham to win: 3:1

West Ham United vs Everton

West Ham have kept their place in the Premier  League, but not because they are are good team. They will be a top side for another year simply because their rivals of the bottom of the table were worst then them. Having 37 points with one game to go is a miserable records for a team who plays in front of 55 thousand home fans. The Hammers have been a huge disappointment this season. I don’t know whether they should keep David Moyes or not. I don’t think he could lead them to Top 7 where they want to be, but at the same time he has somehow saved them this season and should be given at least another year.

Everton finished in the top then which should be considered as disappointing season for them. The Toffees have many good players and who need to step up and prove that they deserve to play for one of the historically top 6 teams in England.

Draw: 1:1

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