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Who will score the most goals in this Premier League season?

Premier League - 2018/19

Last season Mohamed Salah grabbed the Premier League Golden Boot to much of a surprise to anyone. Who are the favorites to win it this season?

Sergio Aguero

Manchester City have already enjoyed a positive start of the season by winning the Community Shield. The goals scored by Sergio Aguero shows that the Argentinian will enjoy a very good season. For a top striker like him it means a lot of goals. It might be one the last season for Aguero in the Premier League and he has all the qualities to finish on high.

Manchester City are probably the best team in the league and despite that I think that there will be a different champion this season, Aguero seems like the most likely goal scorer. He can play as number 9, as a long-side striker, he can play on the right flank or to come from behind. He is amazing player who has a great chance to score the most goals this season.

Mohamed Salah

Mo Salah is expected to score a lot of goals for an improved Liverpool squad. It looks that the Reds are finally prepared to chase for the Premier League title and eventually to win it. I don’t thing that Salah will win the Golden Boot this year, however. Why? Look at the Liverpool squad. They have Sasho Mane, Roberto Firmino, in form Daniel Sturridge and Salah himself to fight for 3 positions in the Liverpool’s attack. Xherdan Shakiri is another offensive player to get a lot of game time. I think that Liverpool would have 3 or even 4 player in the Premier League top 10 goal scorers this season. This means that Salah will probably play a bit more for others to finish, rather than trying to score all the goals himself. I can see him being among the leaders in goal assistances, however. It is very likely that all Liverpool player will share 100 goals in between them this season.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is a natural finisher and he has all the chances to top the goal scorers rank at the end of the season. Spurs are a very creative and a strong team, probably stronger than they were last season. I don’t see them winning the league simply because they need few more years to rise to a level where they’d be the main title contender. However Spurs have all the chances to finish in the top 4 for another season and to progress in the Champions League. My feeling is that Kane will finish as runner-up to Sergio Aguero in the Premier League goal scorers rank.

Romelu Lukaku

I would be surprised if Lukaku scores less than 20 goals this season, but I don’t see him winning the Golden Boot. The main reason for that is that Manchester United don’t look like he’ll be a better team this season as they were the last campaign. The transfer windows ends on 9th of August and even if United sign Toby Alderweireld, Jerome Boateng and Harry Maguire altogether, their defence would not improve overnight. But even it does, the Red Devils would not resolve their defensive problems, simply because they don’t have any.

Last season United conceded 28 goals in 38 league games, one more than the champions Manchester City. At the same time they have scored 68 goals, which is 38 less than their city rivals. If Jose Mourinho’s United keep playing as they did last season, they would need to build a football equivalent of the great Chinese wall to win the Premier League. Parking the bus would not be enough.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Arsenal is a team in transition, but I have a feeling that the Gunners will be a stronger team under Unai Emery this season that they were under Wenger the last one. Meet will improve their defensive performance and this will give more confidence to team to go forward. This is the only thing a player like Aubameyang needs. I don’t know whether he will be partnered by Alexandre Lacazette or the Frenchman will be a second choose striker, something that is hard to believe, considering the Lacazette’s qualities. Both of them would form a great striking duo and it is possible to share 40 or more goals between them.

Those are my five picks for The Premier League’s Golden Boot winner and I have a feeling that Aguero would win it.

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