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Is Jose Mourinho really the problem?

Jose Mourinho - Man Utd homes loss against Spurs

Like the economy which goes in cycles, the football teams also go through different ups and downs. A team needs to be assembled, developed to a certain level, then improved wherever it is possible and then hopefully they win something. After certain period of time when a football club is at its best, there is always another portion of time when it does not deliver the results fans expect.

Liverpool have been like that for 29 years and have managed to keep their status as England’s heavyweight football club and one of the biggest football clubs in the worlds.

After season 2012/13 Manchester united have been having their downs, at least if we judge by the standards set in the Alex Ferguson era. Many tend to forget and many even don’t know that Ferguson took in charge at Old Trafford in November 1986 and it took him almost 7 years to win his first Premier League trophy with Manchester United. it was in season 1992/93. His Red Devils finished as runners-up in seasons 19878/88 and 1991/92.

Alex Ferguson United led Muncher United won 6 premier League titles between 1993 and 2000, then 5 between 2000 and  2010 and another 2 after 2010. Since then United weren’t able to win the Premier League. under Alex Ferguson then have won two Champions Leagues titles, which is a massive achievement considering the fact that prior their 1998/99 Champions League winner, the Red Devils have had only one trophy from the Europe’s top competition  – the old Cup of the European Champions, won in season 1967/68.

Are Manchester United a top 4 club this season?

I believe they are despite that their performances against Brighton and Spurs don’t serve as argument for that. United’s defence haven’t looked good in those two games, but we can say the same for each and every line of the Jose Mourinho led team. We can blame on the manager, we can say a lot of things about him and we can point fingers of the mistakes his has probably made.

The fact is that United players are good enough to win against Brighton at any moment over the course of the season. They are also good enough to beat, draw or loose by one goal to a team like Spurs. Tottenham players were simply faster and played better on Monday night. Add to that Lukaku poor performance and the individual mistakes made by United defenders and the 0:3 loss against Mauricio Pochettino’s team  is not hard to explain.

It happens in football, it happens to many teams and Man United obviously don’t have immunity against such losses.

Jose Mourinho gets it all wrong!

The Manchester United current misfortune is something about the club, not about the manager alone. It is a result of the way that clubs is managed, a result of the decisions made by the club’s hierarchy off and on the pitch. It does not make Jose Mourinho less of a manager. He is still as good as he has ever been. However, the Portuguese simply has a wrong attitude. Instead of being calm and explaining the bad results as a combination between the lack of good luck and bad performances on the pitch, he has started defending himself by pointing at his own managerial record in order to demonstrate that he is good enough to manage Manchester United.

“I won want more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together. Three for me and two for them. Respect, respect”

This was Mourinho’s message to the press after the Manchester Untied’s 0:3  home loss against Spurs at Old Trafford on Monday night. I believe this was the worst way to talk after loosing a game against direct rival for the Premier League’s top 4! The Portuguese has made himself a target for everyone – the fans, the pundits, the press and the Manchester United’s hierarchy, all of them will now point fingers at him? The reason for that is he hasn’t won those three Premier League title’s he bragged about at Dld Trafford. He did that at Stamford Bridge.

No one at the red side of Manchester should bow to Jose Mourinho for the success he has brought to Manchester United’s Premier League rivals. It is wrong for him to demand admiration from the press or from the fans at his current position, simply because he has been successful elsewhere. It doesn’t work like that. He has been hired as Manchester United manager because he has an outstanding record with Chelsea, but that’s all. As soon as he has become a Man Utd’s manager, he should have always expected to be judged by the success his would bring to his current team, not to the previous ones.

Jose Mourinho has been looking frustrated and unhappy for quite some time. It is probably because he takes the lack of success very personally, it is probably because he cares for his own success in the first place, it is probably because he has a mentality of a winner. Being a football manager is a complex job, however. The Portuguese is a very well paid professional and he should be prepared to take the pressure for the lack of results, without constantly defending himself and without attacking everyone who is critical on his team performances. Criticism is part of football and always comes when any team underperforms. This is how it goes with each and every other football manager and Mourinho is not different from others despite his claim that he has won more titles alone than all other current Premier League managers.

Mourinho is looking at the past every time he feels under pressure and every time he feels that he needs to defend himself from criticism. If he keeps going like that it is very likely that he would never win another Premier League title. Then all the conversation about him and his achievements in English football would be in past tense.

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