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What’s behind the conflict between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba?

I have read a lot of comments about the rift between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba on Manchester United’s training ground. I have watched the video and I don’t think that what was being recorded is any shocking footage.

Paul Pogba has posted a video in the social media which he is having fun with his team mates, while at the same time Manchester United have lost an EFL Cup on penalties and were kicked out of the tournament. This is not an important competition for United and it is good for them that they haven’t progressed into the next stage. Still, when your team has just lost a game and when you are one of the star players, you are expected to be a bit frustrated and angry. So, Pogba should have demonstrated he cares about the club.

Another important thing is that Jose Mourinho obviously doesn’t know how to manage a situation like this or has simply fallen out with his player. As someone much more experienced than Paul Pogba, Mourinho should have invited him to a friendly and would have brought any communication specialist to explain his player some basic communication rules. He would have told Pogba that the he isn’t a reality show celebrity and his social media activities are important for the club and especially for the fans, who expect Man United players to show commitment to their beloved football club. Jose Mourinho has opened a discussion about Pogba’s use of Instagram on the training found, instead. It wasn’t a good moment, it wasn’t a good place to discuss social media activities.

Where is actually the problem?

After United have drawn their Premier League home game against Wolves, Paul Pogba has said that the Red Devils have to “Attack, attack, attack”, when they play at home. Jose Mourinho has been clearly frustrated that his start player has went on public to express his opinion on how the team Mourinho manages should play.

I guess that if Jordan Henderson or James Milner say that Liverpool must attack more when they play at Anfield, after a game they have drawn, Jurgen Klopp would not be disappointed with the comments. The reason is that the Liverpool player would have said something which is in harmony with his managers playing philosophy.

In Paul Pogba’s situation the United player would probably have said “We needed to defend better” and I guess that Jose Mourinho would not be unhappy with his comments.

However, Pogba has simply expressed a concept on how Manchester United should playр which is different from the one Jose Mourinho has. It is very likely that Pogba wants to play for a team that attacks a lot, while Jose Mourinho wants to manage a team, which is solid in the back, in the first place. It is possible that the French player simple wants to play a different football.

I don’t like the way Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United play, but the style and the tactics are the manager’s responsibility, not something that players decide on. The Portuguese probably expects his star player to focus on following his instructions, rather than making comments on how the team should play. Pogba is a very good midfielder, a world class player, but he us just one of the 11 players on the pitch, so he m must not overestimate his role in the Manchester United’s team. I feel for Pogba, as he would have signed with a club who plays a better football than the current Manchester United side. However, he is a high paid professional footballer who is expected to give is best for his club.

If Pogba isn’t happy with the way Man United play, he could discuss this in private with Jose Mourinho. If it doesn’t work this way, he could leave. However, Jose Mourinho is the man who is authorized to decide whether Manchester United should defend or attack. He might be wrong, but the players’ job is to follow his instructions.

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