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What do Tottenham need to progress in the Premier League and in Europe?

Erik Lamela & Harry Kane

Tottenham have won 24 points from their first 11 games in the Premier League which ranks them fourth, one point above the fifth placed Arsenal.

The best away team in the Premier League!

Spurs are currently the best away team in the League. They have won 18 points out of possible 21 so far this season. While on the road Tottenham lost only to Watford and they were unlucky to do so, as the Hornets scored a late winner. At Spurs they have been beaten by Liverpool and Manchester City. The points lost in those two games are actually the difference that separates Spurs from the top of the table. Tottenham could have easily drawn against the champions if their strikers and Eric Lamela in particular wouldn’t missed some excellent chances to equalize in the second half.

After the first 11 games Spurs have played only four times at their temporarily home ground – Wembley. The team is still about to start playing to its new stadium, a move which has been postponed. The first home fixture on the new 62,000-seats ground would take place in the beginning of 2019.

Was Spurs transfer policy wrong?

Tottenham haven’t signed any new players during the summer. It was the second consecutive pre-season transfer window in which they didn’t do a lot business. However, they have signed the striker Lucas Moura in the summer and he has integrated well in their squad and into their playin style. Moura has improved Tottenham’s attack. He plays long side behind Harry Kane and very often comes from the wings. He creates a lot of spaces for his team mates. With his good control on the ball, Moura creates more chances for Harry Kane and others in the team’s attack.

Still Tottenham’s attack has a room for improvement and Mauricio Pochettino probably expects his strikers to be more clinical in front of the goal. So does they defence. In their last away game against Wolverhampton, the host got one goal improperly disallowed by the linesman who marked an offside, despite that the Wolves’ play was onside.

However, I don’t think that Spurs needed to sign any new players during the summer transfer window. Their current squad is good enough and there is enough competition, especially in the midfield. Spurs were just a bit unlucky to have some of their best players like Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli unavailable for some of the fixtures. They have also been drawn in one of the toughest Champions League groups alongside the likes of Barcelona, Inter Milano and PSV Eindhoven, with the Dutch side being in a very good form this season.

Tottenham would probably go to the transfer market to buy one of two players who Pochettino wants to bring in to North London, if any are available during the winter transfer window. What is more important for Spurs within the next two months is to win maximum points, something which isn’t that hard considering their fixtures list (See COL’s projection for Tottenham performance by the info of 2018). If Spurs do not progress in the Champions League, which is very likely to happen, they would go into the UEFA Europa League. This probably means that Mauricio Pochettino would need to name a different group to play in the Europe’s second tier tournament, as playing on Thursdays in Europe will not help Spurs in the Premier League.

Spurs have been a top team for almost a decade. However, under the leadership of Mauricio Pochettino they have established themselves as one of the Premier League’s powerhouses. Since season 2014/15 Tottenham have finished 3 times in the top 3 which means that the only form of progress for them is to win the league. In Europe, Spurs are still a little bit short of clubs lie Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus and PSG but if they keep progressing within the next two years, it is very likely that they would reach the last stages of the Champions League.

The key for Tottenham is sustainability and their ability to add few more top players to their current squad. Spurs will be commercially successful club within the next decade, so I don’t see a reason for them not to keep progressing and developing themselves as a global football brand.

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