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Manchester United current state and what Mourinho does wrong?

Jose Mourinho, season 2018/19

I don’t think that Man United will make it into the top four this season and it looks to me that Jose Mourinho has set an unrealistic target for his side. For the Red Devils to break into the top four, it is a target comparable to the one of Arsenal winning the Premier League. Despite that United have some very good players, it is obvious that they are nowhere near Chelsea and Spurs who are two of the most likely top 4 finishers. At the same time United are fat behind the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool in terms of their team development and the talent they have in their current squad.

Arsenal have added themselves to the pack of 5 teams who are fighting for the Champions League spots and I believe that they are a much better team than Jose Mourinho’s one. Unai Emery has put a plan to develop his team, bought players who have improved his squad and it is clear that he knows what he is doing.

Manchester United on the contrary, have spent a £302 million under Jose Mourinho and this haven’t improved the overall quality of the team a lot. They have finished 2nd last season, but at they same time they were nowhere near Manchester City and despite being second, they didn’t look like they competed for the title.

This season Mourinho looks defiant to prove that he can get something out of this MUFC side and his team showed that they can get results in competitions, including the Champions League.

However, Premier League requires any team to have a much greater composure than the current Man United side has and a squad who is assembled of the right players. United aren’t a team like that. They look to me like the Liverpool side managed by Brendan Rogers in season 2014/15, a team who have had quality players, but weren’t one who was sustainable enough in the league.

Understating Jose Mourinho’s record at Old Trafford doesn’t help Man United to progress!

It is obvious to me that Man Untied are behind Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and even Arsenal in terms of their team development. I also think that at the moment they don’t have the right players to be at the top of the Premier League. However, I also think that the club should either replace Jose Mourinho or to back him and that whoever uses the current situation at the Red side of Manchester to understate Jose Mourinho is simply wrong. I have read an analysis written by Ben Grounds for Sky Sports who suggest that:

“Jose Mourinho is looking increasingly out of touch with the modern game after the Manchester United manager’s latest damning assessment of his players, according to the Sunday Supplement panel”

This statement is fictional and it would fail any reality check. Manchester United’s energy has been squeezed within the last tow seasons when Alex Ferguson was in charge. The club haven’t looked into the future. They  haven’t prepared themselves for the life after Sir Alex. Despite being a good manager David Moyes wasn’t prepared to managed a club of Manchester United’s size and certainly wasn’t the one to take on after Ferguson left. United have lost 1 season before bringing in an experienced manager like Louis Van Gaal. The Dutchman stabilized the team and returned the Red Devils into the Champions League. They have finished 4th in season 2014/15. However, Van Gall failed to progress in season 2015/16 and was replaced by Mourinho.

Some criticize Mourinho for his transfer policy and for the lack of results. The truth is that he has been as successful as possible with the current Manchester United. He has led the team to one major trophy – UEFA Europa League and preserved the status of the club as one of the Premier League’s heavyweight.

Before coming to Old Trafford Jose Mourinho has won enough titles in football and managed a number of successful teams. He did that in the modern day football, not in the 80s or 90s in the last century. So any assessment that he has disconnected himself with the modern day football are premature and untrue!

Sky Sports quoted the Daily Star’s chief sports writer Jeremy Cross believes Mourinho has become a “tired, old guy”, something which is simply unfair to the the Portuguese. It is true that Mourinho looks under pressure, unhappy and dissatisfied with most of the results and performances of his players and he is. He has being honest with United’s fans and the public and didn’t try to sell United’s team development as major success. So far this season he is failing to bring United among the top 4 or top 5 teams, but this does not justify remarks like “tired, old guy”. There is another things which is not what it has to be.

Jose Mourinho’s messaging is wrong, not his playing style?!

I believe that Mourinho’s messaging is wrong and he shouldn’t have said that Manchester United players lacked “character” and that modern players acting like “spoilt kids”. This is a an judgement that lacks good sense for one simple reason. Mourinho cannot get today any players with the same attitude that the footballers had in the 80s, or 90s in the last century. Blaming his players for behaving like “spoiled kids” would only alienate them and would make impossible for him to motivate them and  manage them well. The kids are always kids and it is about grown-ups to find a solution on how to managed them and give them a direction. In Mourinho’s case this is about how to motivate a highly paid professionals and how to get out the best of them. At the end of the day the United’s “spoiled kids” are those kids who Jose Mourinho has chosen to bring in. Complaining about their attitude will not help him.

It looks to me that the Portuguese coach is playing politics when his team fails to deliver on the pitch. Playing politics has never paid off in football. Brendan Rogers did that in Liverpool and the result was that have been dismissed and left the club without the proper chance to say goodbye to the players and fans.

Ryan Giggs, someone who knows Manchester United’s dressing room very well said that everyone knows what a successful manager Mourinho has been over the years. He has added that, a bit of stability United haven’t had over the years, is needed and Manchester United should stick with the Portuguese. According to Giggs Man united need consistency the only way show they are consistent is a run of 7 or 8 games unbeaten, something that will bring back confidence into the fans.

The next Man Utd games are away against Young Boys in the Champions League, then way at Southampton and at home against Arsenal and Fulham in the in the Premier League, followed by a very important away game against Valencia in the Champions League. This one is followed by a trip to Anfield and then by home game against Cardiff City, an away one at Huddersfield, a home fixture against Bournemouth and an away one against Newcastle. The Red Devils could get 18 – 19 points by January 3rd 2019 and if they do that the pundits will stop questioning Jose Mourinho’s ability to manage united, at least until the next down they would experience.

Manchester Untied fans should not write the current season off, as the Mourinho’s led team could focus on winning the FA Cup and to progress in the Champions League. And there is always ya chance that any of the teams above United could slip, something which would allow them to sneak into the top 4 or top 5.

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