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Championship Predictions: Leeds United, Derby County and Norwich City to win?

Millwall 2019

Norwich City is back on top again and this season is once again showing us that we simply can’t predict which team is going to end up first. This is going to be a very exciting weekend in Championship as we have another round full of matches between direct opponents. These are our predictions for this weekend in Championship.

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United

First of many big games in this round will be played on Sunday night when Aston Villa will meet with Sheffield United. Aston Villa is looking to get back in fight for play-offs, while Sheffield United is still hoping that they can get straight promotion this season. This will be a tough match with both sides working hard to get a win. Aston Villa might have a better squad, but Sheffield United has a better work rate. We might even see Scott Hogan getting a start against his former club and we all know how these stories end. For me, this match will most likely end with both sides getting a point.

Draw: 1-1

Middlesbrough vs Leeds United

First match on Saturday will be the clash between Middlesbrough and Leeds United. This is most likely the biggest match we’ll get to see this weekend in Championship and it is certainly promising a lot of action. Last time we saw these two teams play a game, thanks to Pulis we were watching the worst and most boring match ever. However, this time both managers need a win. Leeds United has just lost their first place, while Middlesbrough ended their cup run against Newport County. This will be a tough match, but I expect Leeds United to get their form back and win.

Leeds United to win: 1-2

Blackburn Rovers vs Bristol City

Another match between direct rivals will be played on Saturday and Bristol City will look to continue their winning run. They are unbeaten in last 11 matches and they have won all of their last five. However, Blackburn Rovers are in excellent form too as they are one of the best teams in Championship when it comes to home performance. It’s hard to say if any of these two sides are better, so I’ll say that both sides will most likely end this match unbeaten.

Draw: 1-1

Bolton Wanderers vs Preston North End

To say that Preston is having a bad season is not a wrong statement, but Bolton Wanderers would be by far the worst team in Championship if there wasn’t for good start. Preston has improved their form lately and I don’t expect them to fight for survival this season. They have a good team and they can look for a nice midtable finish. In their last game against Derby County they’ve managed to create a lot of good chances and I believe that they can get all three points on Saturday.

Preston North End to win: 0-2

Derby County vs Hull City

Derby County has lost their play-off spot to Bristol City and this is a great opportunity for them to quickly get it back. This is another match between direct opponents and Hull City has been in excellent form lately, but I believe that Derby County will work hard to get all three points as they don’t have an option to lose any more points. I think that this will be a tough match with both sides creating a lot of chances, but I think that Hull City will lose this away match.

Derby County to win: 2-1

Nottingham Forest vs Brentford

Somehow, Nottingham Forest has managed to bottle it again, while Brentford is getting back in form as they are currently unbeaten in their last seven league matches. Now, Brentford might be favourites here considering their current form, but their away record is still awful this season as they’ve managed to win only one away match so far. Nottingham Forest is still hoping that they can reach play-offs and they will certainly work hard to get all three points on Saturday.

Nottingham Forest to win: 2-0

Queens Park Rangers vs Birmingham City

Until recently, Birmingham City had a good season but their form has dropped in last few games and now there is a bigger gap between them and play-offs. They still have a good chance to fight for promotion this season, but they have to win as much matches as they can. Queens Park Rangers are currently in awful form and although they had a good season, I believe that Birmingham City is having a better team. Both teams will probably score in this one, with Birmingham having a better chance to score more than once.

Birmingham City to win: 1-2

Rotherham United vs Wigan Athletic

Wigan Athletic is slight favourite to win this one and I really can’t understand why. They have a better team and their season so far was better, but their away performance is awful as they have only one win and two draws this season away from home. Rotherham United is solid at home, they have lost some matches, but their overall home record is good. This is another match between direct rivals so both teams will be looking for a win, but for me Rotherham United should be winning this one.

Rotherham United to win: 1-0

Sheffield Wednesday vs Reading

Reading is having a lot of new players and it will take time for them team to start working. It’s a good thing, but at the same time it’s quite risky. Sheffield Wednesday has finally started winning under Steve Bruce and this is another opportunity for them to get all three points. I don’t expect an easy match, especially as both teams are playing defensive football at the moment, but I think that Sheffield Wednesday is having a better chance to win since they are playing at home and Reading has won only one away match this season.

Sheffield Wednesday to win: 1-0

Swansea City vs Millwall

Millwall is having problems away from home this season and I can’t see them getting a good result against Swansea City. When it comes to Swansea, they are not having a very exciting season, but they don’t have such a good team to be fighting for promotion at the moment. Considering that this game would be played in Wales and Millwall is one of the worst away teams in Championship this season, I believe that Swansea City is having a good chance to get all three points.

Swansea City to win: 2-0

Stoke City vs West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion is constantly dropping points where they shouldn’t and they will now most likely end the season in play-offs. However, realistically they still have a chance to get a straight promotion and that is what they will try to do. Stoke City is far from good this season, and although I expected much more from them, they have been struggling to achieve anything under both managers. They have lost four of their last five matches and I think that they will lose again on Saturday.

West Bromwich Albion to win: 1-2

Norwich City vs Ipswich Town

When you see the team that’s holding a first place in the league is having a home game against the last team in the league, you always know that there is a big chance that they will lose. However, Norwich City has been excellent this season and after their win against Leeds United it is hard to imagine them lose their first place against Ipswich Town. They are the better team, they have an advantage of playing at home and they will certainly get another easy win on Sunday.

Norwich City is back on top again and this season is once again showing us that we simply can’t predict which team is going to end up first. This is going to be a very exciting weekend in Championship as we have another round full of matches between direct opponents. These are our predictions for this weekend in Championship.

Norwich City to win: 3-0

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