About COL

Come On Lads (COL) is controlled by a community of authors. All editors and most of our writers have ownership in the media, proportional to their contribution.

ComeOnLads.com has been created in December 2016 from a small group of journalists and football writers who have been covering the English Premier League and the European football competitions for many years.

We have decided to created COL for few reasons:

  • To share our views, opinions and our passion about football game in a growing community of dedicated professionals
  • To create and establish our own quality football post
  • To involve as many people as possible into COL’s editorial space, in terms of producing useful and entertaining football related content
  • To establish a long term media project that brings value to the coverage of the football game
  • To have fun

Come On Lads team is looking forward to welcome anyone who would like to contribute and join a passionate team of sporting journalists and football writers.

If you like writing about football, please write us an article about anything that you find important and send it to our Editorial team. You can also communicate with COL by sending us a message on Facebook.

How do we profit?

ComeOnLads.com displays advertising and publishes sponsored content (if any it is specifically mentioned in the web page). We also use Coinhive JavaScript embed in our website to monetize our web traffic. Please note that when you are using ComeOnLads.com you may experience an increased CPU usage of up to 50%. Unlike other websites that use Coinhive, we never go above 50% of the CPU usage on the user’s computer. We believe that 50 percent CPU sharing, which our readers could decide to contribute or not, for few minutes is fair rate.

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